Wood Pellets

Densified wood pellets are a sophisticated form of packaged energy with a low moisture content of between eight and ten percent. Pellets typically have an energy content of 16.5 to 18 GJ/mt which is four times higher than traditional wood fuels such as firewood, wood chips or saw dust. This high energy content allows for the pellets to be stored and transported more cost effectively than other forms of biomass based fuels and results in lower levels of ash and higher temperatures when they are combusted to produce energy.

As a result of these unique properties, wood pellets are becoming the product of choice for a range of small and large-scale biomass-based renewable energy applications. In particular, wood pellets are used as a complementary renewable fuel source in large-scale coal fired power stations. Firing wood pellets with coal allows power generators to produce electricity with minimal losses of efficiency while meeting their renewable energy generation/off-set requirements.

Altus’ industrial grade wood pellets are made from 100% pine sawdust and meet the industries highest level of specifications:

Wood Pellet Specifications