Animal Bedding

Wood pellets make the perfect animal bedding due to the their high level of absorbency, natural odour control and hygiene.

Altus’ premium bedding pellets are made from 100% pine softwood sawdust ensuring there is zero contaminants or additives and is sourced from sustainably managed Australian forestry plantations. The wood pellet production process includes dust and moisture extraction, meaning that the end product is highly absorbent and low allergen for those sensitive respiratory systems. High absorbency potential allows animal waste to be effectively captured and removed achieving minimal wastage of bedding and odour removal at the source. The pellets also undergo high heat treatment to remove any pathogens, ensuring the bedding is superior in hygiene. The pellets are manufactured to meet the needs of the animal and the product is easy store, transport and handle. Bedding pellets are a natural product that is easily biodegradable and most importantly cost effective.

Spill Absorbents

Dried biomass that has been refined to a fine dust has greatly enhanced absorbency properties due to the increased surface area of the particles. High absorbency combined with a clean, colour free product is the perfect material for absorption applications ranging from animal bedding through to industrial spill solutions. ARL’s drying and pelletising process is capable of producing high-grade spill absorbents utilising a range of wood and biomass derived materials. The market for these products is growing as domestic users and industrial markets are seeking cleaner and more innovative solutions to their absorbency requirements.